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7 Social Media Campaigns Charted In Order Of Success To Failure

Recent brand campaigns, charted in descending order of positive payoff.

7 Social Media Campaigns Charted In Order Of Success To Failure


For its "Women’s Inspiration Day," the brand scours 50 female Pinterest users’ pages, learns their interests, then sends each a personalized care package. Lots of pinning follows.

By sharing a coupon on Facebook, the discount deepens. By the end, 45% of customers who view the coupon share it.

Following a midnight release of shoes that sparked a small riot, the brand lets fans reserve new products by Twitter. No wait, no fight.

Each week, a different Swede takes over the nation’s official Twitter account to write about daily life. Some embar­rassments follow.

Woody Harrelson
Via Reddit, the actor hosts an AMA—Ask Me Anything, typically a free-flowing dialogue—and then promotes his movie on it. Reddit users turn nasty, fast.

A snarky ad campaign encourages women to go offline for a "much needed night out." Instead, women go online to call the chain condescending.

In plugging the chips on YouTube, Ashton Kutcher impersonates an Indian man. Accusations of poor taste ensue. Popchips pulls the clip within hours.


[Image: Flickr user Martin Gommel]

A version of this article appeared in the September 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.