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Tweets In Space Is An Art Project That Beams Your Tweets To Aliens

If aliens browsed Twitter, what would they think of us? We may soon find out. Artists Nathaniel Stern and Scott Kildall plan to transmit tweets 20 light years away to GJ667Cc, the nearest planet that may support life. Here are some of the ultra-intelligent messages the duo collected, from people using #tweetsinspace.

@indrevis No YOU hang up. (giggle) No, you hang up. #tweetsinspace

@GrahamOld dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot #tweetsinspace

@Feexby Hey super-predators! Free food here. xx #tweetsinspace

@lingswaransingh Knock . . . Knock . . . #tweetsinspace

@Qrtzmn You think certain jokes are bad without context? Imagine getting this random crap via interstellar space! #tweetsinspace

@Dal_y What's your non-domicile tax structure like? #tweetsinspace

@kickbean Can we borrow 1 trillion barrels of oil? We are sort of running out #tweetsinspace


A version of this article appeared in the September 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.