Reader’s Feedback: June 2012

Your tweets, letters and, yes, gripes about the June 2012 issue.

Reader’s Feedback: June 2012

“Fabulous to see a greenie such as Ma Jun topping a list of creatives. Who would have thought it?”
Chris Sherwin, London | Photo by Mark Leong

Creating Good Business

After reading this issue of Fast Company (“The 100 Most Creative People in Business”), I have renewed faith in the fact that there are some people in business who aren’t in it for personal gain and domination. Thank you.
Loren tripp
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“Rachael Chong’s Catchafire matched me with an awesome nonprofit, and as an ex-banker and venture capitalist, my experience was leveraged really well. The platform is a much-needed solution.”
Ryan Mattison, Brooklyn, New York | Photo by Dorothy Hong


I want to make it on this list. One Day!!!

I feel the most #creative people have somewhat of a childlike mentality. In my case at least. #creativemind

I used to be cool bc I work at MTV/VH1. Now it’s bc my best friend founded @WarbyParker. . .
@FastCompany #FCMostCreative no. 92 @NeilBlumenthal

It’s a whole lot of great minds and great ideas: #FCMostCreative

Kudos Sally Grimes, Global VP, Sharpie #women #leadership #business #FCMostCreative

#FCMostCreative a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Great inspiration! Love ’em all @FastCompany


Yael Cohen. Seriously, F#@! Cancer. Serious dialogue. This is how to spread a message.

@brainpicker Thanks for so many keen and smart reads! I love all of it, and thanks to @FastCompany for leading me to you

Completely and utterly inspired by @hiphophealsnyc. THIS is how you do business.

And here we have the annual cool kids club. @FastCompany 100 most creative people in biz.

The new @FastCompany edition has landed in my iPad. V. happy. The best read in town.

“Applaud Olajide Williams for breaking through to the “Gen C” by speaking to them on their terms. #fastcompany

@marciemerriman | Photo by Erin Patrice O’Brien



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