Unleash Yourself

(Really) Mobile Phone

Telephone headsets let you walk your talk. But using a headset means being on a short leash or strapping a geeky battery pack to your belt. Until recently, that is. ACS Wireless Inc., based in Scotts Valley, California, has introduced a device that’s lightweight (4 ounces) and high quality (it uses radio technology found in the latest cordless phones), with a battery pack built right into the headset.


The Aurea headset has a roaming range of 25 to 40 feet and runs for more than six hours before it needs to be recharged. It sells for $329. Call ACS Wireless (800-995-5500) or visit the Web, .

Wave and Click

Why are you still spending 10 hours a day within a few inches of your computer? Because of your mouse, of course.

GyroPoint Pro, a wireless pointing device from Gyration Inc. of Saratoga, California, cuts the tail off your mouse. You just hold it in your hand, move your wrist, and click. Two built-in gyroscopes sense the movements of your wrist and move the cursor in the appropriate direction.

GyroPoint Pro retails for $299.99. Call Gyration (800-316-5432) or visit the Web .

Sofa Surf

In theory, surfing the Net is liberating. In reality, it means spending hours chained to a keyboard. Wireless Computing Inc. in Irving, Texas aims to change all that.

The Wireless SurfBoard is a compact 83-key keyboard with a touch-sensitive mouse pad. It uses radio frequency (RF) technology to interact with your computer. That means the keyboard does not require a clear line of sight to the computer — and it runs for more than 100 hours on two AA batteries. So spread out on your office sofa and surf away!

The Wireless SurfBoard costs $399. Call Wireless Computing (512-263-8204) or visit the Web .