The Young Gun

Young Guns are the frontline contingent of the highly visible swarms of comers in the high tech, new media, entertainment, advertising, marketing, and finance. They’re the glitterati of SOMA, Seattle, Silicon Alley, Moscow, Saigon, and Singapore. Young Guns are “dangerous,” says Stone, “because they’re the people who are not in power but want to be.

Default Basics: Armani, Gucci, and Prada for meetings with grown-ups; otherwise, rave or club-inspired ensembles (Stüssy, Alien). Leather pants, urban Polartec, retro leisure-wear (Addidas, Vans) for both men and women. Animal prints, stacked heels for women.

Power Peripherals: Sunglasses TK designer; lethal Filofax (with the entries typed in); Black nylon Prada (or satin Kate Spade) tote for women; Neo-briefcase (in rubber or shiny metal) or rugged courrier bag for men. Umbro gym bag for both.

Wouldn’t be Caught Dead In: Anything from last season.