Neo-Power Broker

Neo-Power Brokers are the new moguls in the hot zones of information, entertainment, and technology — Creatives who moved on to make a killing leveraging the talent of others. “They are not just business folk,” says Stone. “Take Richard Branson or Steven Spielberg — they can be new power brokers because they were once talent. This is different from the businessman who has moved his way up to become CEO. These guys have roots.”

Default basics: Black cashmere. Plaid or solid button down shirt (100% cashmere); new, dark blue Levi’s; Italian cashmere sweater (Versace or Missoni); custom-made cowboy boots or running shoes. Same for women, plus a soft pants suit and silk blouse. Zegna suits for men. Favorite designers for both: Jill Sander, Richard Tyler.

Power Peripherals: Top of the line eyeglasses; analog watch; Kieselstein-Cord belt buckle (or a silver and turquoise Western-style buckle). A Motorola StarTAC in one pocket and a bottle of Evian in hand.

Wouldn’t be Caught Dead In: Short-sleeve white button down.