The Creative

Creatives represent the full range of talent across industry. Accordingly, their dress encompasses everything from geek grunge to a spare downtown aesthetic to a playful funky style. Kim Gross says, “This is not fashion but who I am — and I don’t ‘fit in’ anywhere.”

Default Basics: There are none! But Creatives are collectors, so their signature elements stand out: all black, animal prints, platform shoes, leather, retro. Favorite designers: Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, Comme des Garçcons, Isaac Mizrahi.

Power Peripherals: Oversized digital watch with bright Velcro band or decorated face; funky eyeglasses; large jewelry, tattoos (men and women). Designer mechanical pencil or black Uniball; sketchpad or journal instead of Filofax. Classic PowerBook.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A business suit.