My Favorite Bookmarks: Sharleen Smith

Who: Director, New Technology, USA Networks and adjunct professor at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.


URL: and

Favorite Search Engine Excite,

Surfing Manifesto: I rarely surf just to surf these days. Lots of people send me URLs to check out their work. I bookmark the sites that push the envelope. I always want to see something new, something that makes me wish I had thought of it — and done it — first!

The Etext Archives

Just plain old text. Why the Internet is a great thing!

Dreamstate: Consciousness

A wonderful narrative — and nice type.

Outward Vessels:

Just beautiful!


Fresh and witty content.


Young and smart.


Just plain beautiful.

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head

Clever and low in bandwidth.

Muses, Friends and Lovers

A new design studio.