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My Favorite Bookmarks - Doug Colbeth

Favorite sites from the President and CEO of Spyglass.

Who: President and CEO, Spyglass



Favorite Search Engine: AltaVista,

Surfing Manifesto: I want the information I want now.

Mercury Mail

An exemplar of "push" information.


The most complete coverage of the technology business.


An irreverent, often biting commentary - its criticism can sometimes be uncomfortably accurate.

The Unofficial Repository of Rugby Information

A great activity to release the week's pent-up aggression.

The Air Affair Aviation Hotlist

I'm close to getting my license, and there is a ton of flying info here.

Chicago Tribune's Bulls Page

Coverage of the greatest team on earth.

Car and Driver

An excellent example of translating print medium to the Web.


It's easy to find what you're looking for. Order it, and it shows up in your mailbox in about a week. Everything electronic commerce should be.

A version of this article appeared in the June/July 1997 issue of Fast Company magazine.