Plugged In, Unplugged

For Mark Rekshynskyj, AirMedia Live makes the Web less of a “hassle.”

Channel Changer: Mark Rekshynskyj, 31, supervisory park ranger for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island


Webcasting Service: AirMedia Live’s Internet Broadcast Network

Why I Tune In: To get news that might affect my parks without a Net connection.

Business Channels: Headline News; Late Breaking News; Weather Forecasts

I hate going online. It’s a hassle. I hooked up with AirMedia Live when it was still beta-testing. Today I have two units, one at home and one at the park. In the morning I get up, grab some coffee, boot up my computer, and check out whether there’s a demonstration or a storm or anything else that might affect tourist traffic. Recently AirMedia Live reported that there was going to be a political demonstration in Battery Park. I notified our division that more people than usual might board the boat at Battery Park and wind up in our neck of the woods. It helped us prepare for the crowds.

We don’t have access to TV at work, but we do have our computers. So we’ve got AirMedia running all day. At home I program it to receive lots of channels: Market Scoreboard, Weather Forecasts, even Horoscopes. At the office we only receive the news channels.

Entertainment Channel: There’s a daily game called Guess Who?. It gives you hints about a person’s identity and you have to guess who it is. I play, but I’m not very good at it. It’s really frustrating, which is why I don’t have that channel on at the office.


Wish List: A less awkward control panel. The system is menu-driven, and you have to go deeper and deeper to find the services you want. It can eat up lots of time.

Coordinates: Mark Rekshynskyj,

Sign Up: AirMedia Live requires special hardware. The NewsCatcher pyramid, manufactured by Global Village Communication, retails for $99. When you buy NewsCatcher you receive AirMedia Live’s basic service free for one year ($24.95 per year thereafter), or the Premiere Plan free for three months ($5.95 per month thereafter).