Your Pro to the Pros

Here are three more of golf’s greatest teachers.

For a negotiated fee, Butch Harmon will spend a day with your team at a corporate offsite sharing the same high-performance tips he gives Tiger Woods. (Contact Mack Barnard at Pros, Inc.; 804-643-7600. Or check out Harmon’s book, The Four Cornerstones of Golf, Simon & Schuster, 1996) Here are three more of golf’s greatest teachers.


The Goal: Get a grip on your game.

The Coach: Jim Flick

Flick heads the Nicklaus/Flick Golf School; he’s also Jack Nicklaus’s personal instructor. Flick puts great emphasis on developing the right physical feel for the game. His 15-second tip: To grip the club correctly, Flick advises, “keep your fingers secure and your arms relaxed.” Heads Up: The price depends on the location.

Coordinates: Cost $2,179 to $2,935 for three days. Nicklaus/Flick Golf School, North Palm Beach, Florida; 800-642-5528.

The Goal: Cut your handicap from the mid-teens to the high single digits.

The Coach: Jim McLean

Named 1994 “Teacher of the Year” by the PGA of America, McLean has coached PGA greats such as Tom Kite and Brad Faxon. He’s a master teacher of the overall game. His 15-second tip: If you’re slicing the ball, “concentrate on your grip and setup,” says McLean. “Swing from the inside of the ball to the outside.” Heads Up: McLean works best with better-than-average golfers. Beginners should consider a group lesson with one of his assistants.

Coordinates: $1,500 to $5,340. Jim McLean Golf School, Miami, Florida; 305-592-2000.


The Goal: Never chili-dip on a wedge shot again.

The Coach: Dave Pelz

Pelz spent 14 years as a NASA research scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center; now he brings a scientist’s precision to his study of the short game — chipping, pitching, and putting. Pelz’s lessons are decidedly high tech, complete with lasers, computers, and a putting robot. Heads Up: Keep an eye out for the Compaq World Putting Championship, organized by Pelz. The World Finals are Nov. 29 to Dec. 1.

Coordinates: $1,900 to $3,200. Dave Pelz Short Game School, Austin, Texas; 800-833-7370.

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