The New Suit

This is the man in the grey flannel suit, evolved for the 1990s. New Suits are “standard-bearers and bridgers,” says Stone. “They’re trying to make a change without jettisoning the old culture entirely. They understand both the traditionalist and the envelope-pushers’ points of view.”

The New Suit is not only the young thinker in an old organization, but also the grown-up in a fast-growing startup.

This man (they are mostly men) makes the most literal interpretation of work clothes: clothes to work in. The watchwords are comfort, utility, and versatility.

Default Basics: Khakis (Polo or Dockers); white or blue button-down shirt with button cuffs (Brooks Brothers); crew neck sweater (Shetland or cable); loafers and alligator belt (both well-worn).

Power Peripherals: Understated watch — Rolex or Seiko with nylon rep-striped band. Pilot or Psion 3C electric organizer.

Wouldn’t be Caught Dead In: All black; leather trousers.