Inside Information

Channel Changer: Joe Wilkins, 39, WebHead at Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

Webcasting Service: INCISA, from Wayfarer Communications

Why I Tune In: To share company data with employees

Business Channels: WebWatch; Reporter; DataBridge

I’m an information anarchist. I believe everyone should have access to every piece of information. But how do you guide people to the information you want them to see? And how do you let them know when there’s a deadline on that information? These are the questions we’re trying to answer as we build our intranet. WebWatch, one of the INCISA tools, is going to help us with time-sensitive information. We’ll broadcast HR announcements: “It’s time to renew your 401K choices. The deadline is this Friday. Click here to go to the right form.” That’s the first service we’re building.

Financial information is also critical. People here want to know our stock price every 15 minutes. With Reporter, another INCISA tool, we’re going to broadcast the stock feed on a ticker tape running along the bottom of people’s screens. We’ve also had problems with quarterly statements.

The finance people don’t release the quarterly results until 5 p.m., after the markets have closed. By the time we then distribute the numbers internally, lots of people have gone home. They see the results on TV that night or in the paper the next morning and feel left out. With INCISA, we’ll broadcast the information internally the moment it’s released externally.


Entertainment Channel: No channels yet, but we do want the intranet to be entertaining. Style is important at Ben & Jerry’s. We’ll use animation and cartoons to keep it interesting.

Coordinates: Joe Wilkins,

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