What to Watch on PointCast

Is there anything on PointCast worth watching?


Nearly two million registered users can’t be wrong. Or can they? There are 23 channels on the PointCast Network, and individual users can receive up to 10 at a time on their computer. But is there anything on PointCast worth watching? Here’s a guide to 5 channels that you might want to come to life when your PC goes to sleep. For information on the other PointCast channels, go to .


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Major Sources
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Why Watch
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Companies All the info-standards, including BusinessWire, EDGAR Online, PR Newswire, and It’s the easiest way to track the stock prices of companies you care about (up to 25 at a time) as well as major announcements by and about them. Just-in-time financial information. Delivers current prices (with a 20-minute delay) and charts performance over the past 30 days And you gotta love the stock ticker on the bottom of the screen. Why limit company news to press releases? You should get news articles on your target companies from this channel, rather than having to subscribe to Mercury Center or the New York Times. as well.
CNN CNN Interactive, the online version of the all-news cable network. To meet your responsibilities as a world citizen. There’s more to life than reading press releases. Not many, although it’s hard not to enjoy the daily current-events quiz. The questions are tough enough to feel challenging, easy enough to get the right answers (usually). Unfortunately CNN is as lame on your computer as it is on your TV. Even responsible world citizens can live without such news as, “Pope Struck by Flu Again” and “Socialists Stall Bulgarian Reforms.”
Health InteliHealth, Johns Hopkins Health News, Reuters Health Information Services You’re so busy at work that you never have time to work out. At least you can sweat over what you’re missing. Genuinely interesting reports on what to eat and how to exercise from sources you’d never see otherwise. Who knew that excess carbohydrates could trigger chest pains? The “fitness” feed is the one flabby offering in this otherwise meaty channel.
CMP’s Tech Web TechWire, which incorporates content from CMP’s 20 magazines, including InformationWeek and Computer Reseller News. The What’s What of technology, a one-stop channel that keeps you abreast of news, trends, and product announcements. An unusually broad range of content, from down-and-dirty product notices to the saucy buzz from Route 128. Why no links to the rest of the Web? A channel this rich in information should be more interactive.
Mercury Center San Jose Mercury News Simply without peer as a source of high-tech company stories and executive profiles. Infotainment. It reads like a sports section for Silicon Valley — who the players are, what team’s winning, which managers are on the hot seat. It almost feels like you’re on the field. Why bother with the wire-service reports from Bosnia? That’s why you subscribe to CNN.