Top Drawers

The world of digital accessories.

Filing cabinets, shelves, and desk drawers are generally designed for world of paper and pens. But what about the floppy disk that Susan from HR just handed you — and that backup copy of the quarterly report you’re working on? Throw these in with your other floppies, and soon your desk is a mess. A few digital accessories will help you clean up.


Everyone knows that black is cool. So Tenex makes a set of strong plastic drawers and flip-top box style cases in a color it calls “Black Carbon.” Dubbed MediaWorx, these little storage accessories won’t make you look as if you just joined the IS department. There are single drawer units that hold 12 CD-ROM titles for $6.99. If you accumulate a lot of floppy disks, interlocking drawers that hold 75 floppies are available for $16.99 each. And if you’re juggling back up tapes, CD-ROMs, and those antediluvian 5.25-inch floppy disks, consider getting a MediaWorx multimedia modular drawer with adjustable dividers and a lock for $26.99. There’s even a $4.99 model designed to hold Iomega’s Zip disks.

Trying to fit in with a corporate-headquarters environment? Consider Workspace Essentials from Alpha Enterprises. The company offers stackable drawers for floppy disks and CD-ROMs starting at $23.99 in durable dull-gray plastic. They come in a variety of sizes, including one that holds printer paper, diskette labels, and various computer manuals. And if you want to hide your disks in an old-fashioned filing cabinet, Alpha has a hanging $12.99 drawer holder for that too.

There’s one type of storage item I don’t recommend: CD-ROM disc holders that store the discs sans jewel case. Putting your discs away in this manner can cause scratches, expose them to intractable dirt, and eventually make them unreadable. If you have a bunch of discs without proper cases (like those cheapo cardboard sleeves), pick up some empty jewel cases from a record store or computer shop for about a dollar a pop.

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