All Work and No Play …

One of the dirty little secrets about personal computers is that they’ve turned us into workaholics, trading email on weekends and writing reports on the train to the office. A better secret is that PCs enable us, just as easily, to goof off whenever we want — especially between nine and five.

This edition of Power Tools is dedicated to helping you have serious fun at work. We’ve searched hard for the best computer speakers, digital cameras, CD games and equipment, and virtual-reality gear. With the holidays fast upon us, you’ll find some great gift ideas for the computer geek in your family.

While your CIO hasn’t caught on yet, the PC is potentially a phenomenal entertainment center, just waiting to be tapped. So boot up and get playing!

John R. Quain ( is a contributing editor at Fast Company and appears regularly on the CBS News program “Up to the Minute.”FCS