My Favorite Bookmarks – Christopher Barr

Who: Editor-in-Chief of CNET: The Computer Network



Favorite Search Engine: ( Why choose one when you can have them all?

Surfing Manifesto: Being online, especially with the Web, is a necessity if you want the latest information on just about everything.

E! Online

Marries trashy TV with Net immediacy.


This site is a folksy look at browser technology, plug-ins, and hush-hush news about the latest in Web browsers.

CNN Interactive

To true news junkies, CNN is to all the other outlets what espresso is to decaf. Beats the pants off MSNBC.

Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center

Bypass the second-oldest profession by fending for yourself with Nolo’s plain-spoken guidance.


Meet the 1996 version of the Algonquin Roundtable.

DBC Online Quotes

DBC is my choice for getting stock quotes and other financial data quickly.


Ned Brainard’s barbs are always mean-spirited and often blatantly wrong. Still, it’s a lively read.

My Yahoo

My Yahoo epitomizes the future of the Net: customized content on the subjects I want to read about right now.

ESPNET SportsZone

I can sit at my desk and follow the games of my favorite teams as they’re played.FCS