Hot Company, Hard Choices

You’re 28 years old. You write code for a hot Silicon Valley startup. Your workweek stretches upward of 90 hours. All-nighters are a regular part of the routine. So what do you do when you have your first child? Not much, if you’re working at Netscape Communications Corp. What follows are the stories of two Netscape staffers whose wives gave up their careers so they could continue to work round-the-clock.

Jeff Treuhaft, 27, director of security, platforms, and tools.

When I started at Netscape in May 1994, I worked 100 hours a week. I slept only when I got the chance. I didn’t have a schedule. I simply tried to time myself so I could see my wife and son every day — preferably when he was awake. But sometimes, when I’d come home at 4 AM, the best I could do was peek into his bedroom and see him sleeping. My wife and I pretty much led separate lives back then. I’ve thought about how that will affect my son. But working at Netscape is a great opportunity.

Coordinates: Jeff Treuhaft,

Deepak Puri, 38, director of OEM/strategic marketing.

I was employee #68 at Netscape. At first, I was working so hard I’d see my baby only when she woke up in the middle of the night for her bottle. Now I try to spend most weekends with her. I’m not always successful.

Sometimes I get jealous when my wife tells me about her day. Last Halloween, for example, she and some other moms took the kids to Napa Valley to pick pumpkins. I would have given anything to have been there.

Coordinates: Deepak Puri, dpuri@netscape.comFCS