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Try your hand at the name game.


Main story: Make a Name for Yourself

Try your hand at the name game. Create a winning name for the hottest of commodities — the luxury cigar.


Your specs: a Cuban-Honduran blend with a rich-tasting cocoa-bean quality in the early draw, smoking out to a spicy coffee flavor with a little pepper in the finish.

Use the Spanish morphemes listed below as a starting point:

ard (heat), hel (freeze), dulc (sweet), hum
(smoke), clar (definite), lob (wolf), son
(dream), luj (luxury), oro (gold).

You may also use words and word parts not listed here.


Here are a few thematic springboards to get you started:

relaxing places to visit; great poets and writers
(the cigar of the moment is the Hemingway Short Story);
and historic moments in sports.

Sounds Like …

Choose the name that matches the qualities these five different companies would like their names to embody.

1. This cutting-edge video-game company targets young males with its fast, fun, action-packed titles.


a) Zule
b) Zyex
c) Mimem
d) Lura

2. This environmentally progressive cosmetics company manufactures comforting, healing, and improving products for women ages 18-34.

a) Tromos
b) Vaxlaz
c) Dartu
d) Ios


3. This manufacturer specializes in miniature high-tech gadgets like cell-phones and PDAs. Their products are powerful, reliable, advanced, yet also lightweight and user-friendly.

a) Parmeon
b) Semsa
c) Areon
d) Zytos

4. This prescription pharmaceuticals firm develops and manufactures innovative precision drugs for the traditional marketplace and for biotech applications.


a) Sylag
b) Tura
c) Zantis
d) Bagnum

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