My Favorite Bookmarks – Amy Pearl and Rich Miner

Amy Pearl, Engineering Manager in the JavaSoft unit of Sun Microsystems




Favorite Search Engine: Lycos

Surfing Manifesto: The Web is an incredible array of self-expression. But the Net is not just the Web. The Web is just the beginning.

Como Interactive Communication

Chat applet with audio, whiteboard, meeting scheduler and a game.

Collinsville High School Chat Room

This generation’s high-school nerds are putting collaboration and communication online.

Fred’s Home Page

A networked, 3D, multiuser game.

Hacker Barbie Dream Basement Apartment

Definitely not for children. Java security goddess Marianne Mueller expresses herself.

Annette Wagner, Artist

What JavaSoft’s chief human interface human does for fun.

Maine Coon FAQ maine-coon-faq.html

The next best thing to a dog.

Ken Thompson’s Account of the Trip html

A great example of the value of unadorned self-publishing.

Rich Miner, chief technologist and cofounder, Wildfire Communications Inc.



Favorite Search Engine: AltaVista (

I get mad at myself when I waste time before checking with AltaVista.

Surfing Manifesto: Don’t even think of looking for information, a person, or an object without first checking the Web.

Travel Weekly Online

Going somewhere? Pointers to everything you need.

The Quicken NETworth Equities Center

They do a decent job of helping me track my stocks.


A cool company with great merchandise — and a rockin’ Web site.

Mountain Biking

If you are planning a mountain bike trip, check it out.

Port Wine

Drinking port is one of life’s pleasures; this is a great place to learn about It.


“Hello and welcome to MovieLink. If you know the name of the movie you’d like to see …”

Philip Greenspun

Great photos and stories.

The Parker Quintuplets

A zany person at a cool company in Sweden.