Minister of Progress

Job Titles of the Future: Scott Erikson


Who: Scott Eriksson


Company: Aspen Tree Software

Age: 38

Has held title for: 2 years

Previous title: Manufacturing Engineer

Degree: BS, Industrial and Operations Engineering


Maybe it was his quest to build the ultimate home office — an elaborate rig of desk, bike and weights that enable simultaneous computing and exercise. More likely it was his habit of “getting on my soapbox and preaching.” Whatever the reason, Scott Eriksson ( won the title of Minister of Progress at Aspen Tree Software. The Laramie, Wyoming company sells electronic recruiting systems and job-interview software to big-name clients such as Macy’s, Coopers & Lybrand, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Marriott.

What’s your definition of progress?

I’m constantly harping on continuous improvement, but I’m also obsessed with projecting customer needs into the future. It’s almost a religion for me — that’s how the minister role came about.

How do you measure progress?

You can’t. It’s a cliche, but you absolutely have to focus on the journey and not the destination.

How do you know when you’ve progressed?

We see results every time a change is rolled out — such as when we implemented a phone interviewing system that processed over 200,000 applicants for Macy’s in one holiday season. Right now we’re working on converging the Net and interactive cable technology to develop an Aspen Tree career channel.

How do you foster progress at Aspen Tree?

I try not to plan or structure too much. It’s like the architect who waits to put sidewalks in his courtyards until he sees how people walk across them.


What’s the biggest obstacle to progress?

Continuous change in technology — it’s the biggest headache, and the biggest source of excitement.

What’s your favorite example of progress?

Thomas Edison is my hero. He failed about 5,000 times trying to invent the light bulb. A reporter asked him if he was ready to give up and he answered, “I haven’t failed 5,000 times, I’m 5,000 steps closer to what’s really going to work.”