Talk Like an ‘Air Dog’

A quick reference guide to snowboard language.


“The pow is really phat, dude — let’s shred this half-pipe and then head in for a bipe and a dugan.”


Translation: “The powder is really great, dude — let’s ride this trough and then head in for a beer and a cigarette.”

You’re not a happening snowboarder unless you can talk the talk. Here’s an abbreviated glossary, to help you become erudite at elevation:

air dog (aer dog), noun: a snowboarder who’s interested only in jumping. “Pat is some air dog — he rides just so he can take flight.”

bonk (bonk), verb: to hit a hard object. “Awesome! Al just bonked a skier!”

cat out the window (kat out the windoe), noun : a jump where the rider flails uncontrollably through the air. “Polly hit that mogul and man, did she do a cat out the window.”

duckfoot (dukfut), noun: a snowboard stance where your feet point outward. “My boards got a soft setup so I’m doing the duckfoot.”


eurocarver (your’o’carv’r), noun: a snowboarder who uses hard-shell boots, plate bindings, and racing boards to lay out high-speed carves. “Bill is a pure eurocarver, dude, right down to his euro-chic threads.”

fakie (fay kee), verb: to ride a snowboard backwards. “I bonked a log, did a 180, and fakied the rest of the ride.”

half pipe (half peyep), noun : a trough dug out of snow, used for freestyle jumps. “Heads up — those air dogs are gonna huck the half pipe.”

huck (huk), verb: to jump recklessly. For usage, see above.

huckfest (huk fest), noun: a testosterone fueled session where riders try for bigger and bigger air. “There’s a huckfest up at the half pipe.”

jibber (jibbr), noun: a reckless rider. “Emily bonked two skiers on the way down. She’s some jibber.”


kicker (kikr), noun: an abrupt jump that sends a rider high into the air. “That big mogul is just begging for a kicker.”

phat (fat), adjective: “Carol hucked that mogul and man, did she grab some phat air.”

shred (shred), verb: to ride very well. “The pow is awesome today. Were really gonna shred.”

stinky (stinkee), adverb: a term used to describe riding with your legs spread apart and your knees pointing out. “Ginger’s doing the duckfoot and riding stinky.”

tweaked (twikd), verb: to make your body joints appear twisted. “Watch me tweak this kicker.”