10 Questions to Build a Better Understanding of the Boss

Get inside your bosses head.

Can’t figure out what makes the boss tick? Ask yourself these 10 questions and you may arrive at a better understanding of the boss — and a better work life for yourself.

  1. What is your boss trying to accomplish?
  2. What are your boss’s goals? (These may be different from what the boss is trying to accomplish.)
  3. What does your boss want you to accomplish — and how does that relate to question #1?
  4. Is your boss ambitious or content?
  5. If your boss is ambitious, is it about substance or recognition — or both?
  6. Why is your boss the boss? Why did they pick your boss for the job?
  7. Are you more ambitious than your boss?
  8. What do you want out of your current position — and is this compatible with your boss’s goals and ambitions?
  9. Do your goals advance your boss’s ambitions — or conflict with them?
  10. What kinds of problems most worry your boss? What kinds of victories most please your boss?

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