My Favorite Bookmarks – Regis McKenna

Who: Regis McKenna, High-tech marketer and author of “The Regis Touch”



Favorite Search Engine: Alta Vista (

Surfing Manifesto: What the Web is really doing that no other media does is providing dialogue. One of the marvelous things about it is how eclectic it is. As far as what’s missing from the Web, it’s not so much what you’d like to have on it as you’d like it to be on 24 hours — like the radio.

PBS Online

Outstanding! You can turn from their programming to discussion on the Web. Recently I joined the debate about whether Shakespeare really wrote Shakespeare and from there linked to the Shakespeare Bookshelf.


Portfolio quotes e-mailed daily.

The Nine Planets

Terrific pictures and everything you ever wanted to know about the planets.

Virtual Hospital

Fascinating — you can walk through a diagnosis.

Graham Technology Solutions

Watch John Graham’s TV!

Virtual Vineyards

Try the virtual tastings.