My Favorite Bookmarks – Mark Weiser

Who: Mark Weiser, Principal Scientist at Xerox PARC, father of ubiquitous computing.

Alternative Career: Drummer for Severe Tire Damage, the first live band on the Internet: (



Favorite Search Engine: AltaVista (

Surfing Manifesto: Use bookmarks less, search more — typing a few words into AltaVista finds the page just as fast.


New postmodernesque hypertext essay every day. Weird. Fun.

Internet Travel Network

Free, secure Internet wizard for making travel plans. Knows all airline schedules, can even make ticket bookings at your local travel agent.

IUMA: Online Concerts

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Online mbone live music, history, and current events. The mbone is the future of the Internet.

Internet for Cats

Internet for cats.

Ex Machina

Page your friends for free from the Net.


Mobile and pen-based computing gadget online magazine.


Online student magazine of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Well-designed, thoughtful.

Telephone Directories on the Web

Worldwide online telephone, fax, and business directories. Search for long-lost friends in Slovenia.