The Dirt Camp Dictionary

If you want to make tracks on the mountain trail, you’ve got to be able to talk the ride. Here’s a concise version of the lexicon, to keep you from being labeled a language lard puppy:


aggro (ag’grow), adjective: a fierce, anti-establishment attitude, most prevalent in mountain ski towns. “Did you see Sally bomb past those leaf peepers? She’s way aggro.”

bonk (bonk), verb: to suffer an aerobic collapse. “Man, I felt awesome on the flats, but I bonked big time on the climb.” syn: to die.

dual squishy (doo’el skwish’e), noun: a bike with shock-absorbing forks, front and rear. “Check out Mark’s rig — he’s got a primo dual squishy!”

endo (n’doe), verb: to hurtle over the handlebars. “Missy hit that log and, man, did she endo.” syn: face sphlat, digger, stack.

hammerhead (ham’er hed), noun: an exercise fanatic who gets mopey when his heart rate isn’t making his chest quake. “Hank is eating up the trail. He’s some hammerhead.” syn: animal, beast.

lard puppy (lard pup’e), noun: an out-of-shape, weekend leisure rider. “John is bonking out about a mile back. What a lard puppy.” syn: Clydesdale.

plush (plush), adjective: lavishly comfortable. “Yo, Mark. Want to try my dual squishy? It gives a mighty plush ride.”

rock garden (rok gard’n), noun: a boulder-choked trail. “Carlos was riding fine until he lost it in that rock garden.”

sano (s’ann o), noun: a clean, attractive bike or bike part – often custom-made. “Way cool rear triangle on the Trek Y. Tres sano.”

taco (ta’ko), verb: to crush the front wheel. “I tacoed my tire when I bapped that tree.” syn: pretzel.

trick (trik), adjective: extravagantly deluxe and eye-catching. “Jane’s got anodized purple cable hangers — pretty trick!”