• 06.30.96

Digital Dojo

A review of “The Martial Arts Explorer.”

This CD-ROM opens the door to a millennium of martial arts history and philosophy, techniques and tactics — and enables you to step through. Fire up “The Martial Arts Explorer” and you’ll discover more than 100 video clips featuring demonstrations of kicks, punches, and choke holds, plus interviews with the gurus. The black-belt instructors come off like Jackie Chan, and you can slow or stop the action for a close-up of a master landing a rolling kick right where it really hurts. Using a dual-screen feature, you can even compare how the choking and joint-locking sparring techniques of Jujutsu differ from the flowing, defensive fighting of Aikido.


Our favorite feature: a rotating replica of the human body that identifies pressure points — and explains the damage that can be done to each.

Coordinates: $29.95. “The Martial Arts Explorer.” SoftKey International, 800-227-5609;