A Spunky Senior Channels Christopher Walken In New Spot For Taco Bell’s Dollar Menu

A new spot from Deutsch LA shows that even a generations-old silver dollar family heirloom is not worth saving when it comes to the temptations of Taco Bell’s new $1 Cravings menu.

In a nod to the classic gold watch scene in Pulp Fiction (among other movie references), the spot, directed by Martin Krejci, begins with a touching scene involving a grandfather regaling his grandson with stories of all the luck his cherished silver dollar has brought him in life, including saving his life in the “great construction riots.”

Just before he is about to pass down the family heirloom, the grandfather sees a sign for the $1 Cravings menu and quickly decides the silver dollar could be put to use more aptly.

This isn’t the first time a Taco Bell commercial has featured a senior citizen. Earlier this year, the company’s popular Super Bowl XLVII spot featured 87-year-old Bernie Goldblatt and friends escaping from their retirement home to enjoy a wild night out that ended, of course, at Taco Bell.TI