The World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Has Already Spawned Ad Campaigns

The world’s first in-vitro hamburger has barely been out of the laboratory for one day, and already some creative advertisers are thinking about how they can one day get the public to crave test tube-raised beef.

One Minute Briefs–a fun project that asks people on Twitter to spend exactly a minute conceiving and creating an ad campaign–issued the challenge with The Drum yesterday, and produced a few dozen entries that people voted on.

To be clear, cultured beef burgers won’t be for sale anytime soon. Making this one took a $332,000 investment, backed largely by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. But judging from some of the public’s grossed-out reactions to the idea, maybe it’s not a bad idea for advertisers to get their creative juices flowing early.

Above are a few of our favorites. You can see the winners here, and all entries here. Some emphasize the environmental and animal welfare benefits of manufacturing meat, and others are fun plays on the familiar brands and phrases we know and love.