Inside The Greenest Office Building In The World

Seattle is not the place you would think to build an entirely solar-powered building. But that’s part of the idea behind the Bullit Center: If it can make it as a net-zero building in one of the rainiest places on Earth, imagine what the possibilities are elsewhere.

In this video, we take a tour inside the center to see some of the systems at work, from the rooftop solar array to the geothermal heating, which pumps heat from the ground directly into the concrete floors and walls.

Credit: Miller Hull Partnership

The building–which in addition to those solar panels and geothermal wells, has all its water provided by harvested rainwater, natural lighting, indoor composting toilets, and a wood-framed structure (made out of FSC-certified wood)–might even meet the goals of the ultra-tough Living Building Challenge, which only a handful of buildings have ever met. And in the meantime, its owners hope it can serve as a model for a new generation of sustainable construction and design.