See The Characters Who Defined 6 Decades Of TV on “TV Guide”‘s Anniversary Covers

“If you read TV Guide, you don’t need a TV,” said the grandfather in 1987’s original sexy vampire movie, The Lost Boys. Maybe he’d have felt differently though, if he’d seen some of the shows adorning the cover of the latest issue.

This April, TV Guide is celebrating its 60th birthday. As such, the venerable publication has adorned its latest installment with six separate covers, celebrating some of the most memorable characters to ever grace the airwaves. In a tribute to the way TV Guide has long served as a conduit to these characters, the covers all consist of mosaics made from previous TV Guide covers.

Each cover features a character from a show most representative of its decade, and its mosaic is made of covers strictly from that decade. I Love Lucy is a no-brainer for the 1950s, Star Trek certainly loomed large in the ’60s, The Mary Tyler Moore Show broke barriers in the ’70s, The Cosby Show was mandatory viewing for the ’80s, The Simpsons hit its stride in the ’90s and continues to this day, and Lost is locked in for the ’00s.

Hmm, you’d think they might have picked an HBO show like The Sopranos to represent the ’00s–a time when audience tastes began fragmenting as cable and premium channels stepped up their game. Let’s just be glad they didn’t give it to Survivor.

Leave your suggestions for shows that should represent their decades in the comments below, and look through all the covers in the slide show above.JB