This Concrete Can Charge Your Phone

There’s nothing particularly relaxing about hopping into bed next to a jumble of cords and chargers. A new product by O’dea Design brings a more grown up, wireless approach to cell phone recharging.

The product, named #ConcreteCharger, is simple and stark: a cement block that wirelessly emits a charge to phones placed atop it. The designer says his goal is “to create a piece of modern art which doubles as a wireless induction charging pad.” (It’s up to you to decide whether you agree.)

Devices by LG, Nokia and Samsung work best with the block, since they’re compatible with the Qi inductive power standard, an industry standard for wireless charging. Windows, Android, and Apple devices would need a dongle to feel the vibe.

The block comes in two options–concrete with cork and black cherrywood with felt–selling for $549 and $449, respectively.