Why Use A Plastic Water Bottle When You Could Drink From Something Much More Classy

With the average American consuming 222 bottles of water a year, based on sales figures from the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the way we consume water has become a key environmental issue.

“You can have an impact every day by not throwing away a plastic water bottle,” says Sarah Kauss, founder of S’well. The S’well team produces re-usable water bottles with a sleek and clean design as they want their customers to be as comfortable using the bottles in the boardroom as on a hiking trail.

The classic corporate notion of first make big profits and then give back to the community is being challenged by young entrepreneurs, according to Kauss. “My generation is sort of turning that upside down. You put those things hand in hand.”

“Part of the mission is to educate our users about the water crisis. Almost 800 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water on this planet,” Krauss explains. They’ve teamed up with an organization called WaterAid, a global nonprofit dedicated to providing clean drinking water and sanitation for people around the world. Since its inception in 1971, they have brought clean drinking water to 17.5 million people globally. A portion of the profits from each bottle sold goes to the organization and Kauss hopes, sends a message to its purchasers.

“Even if you just get through to some of your customers, I think it really does make a big impact in the long run.”SS