Buy Yourself A Close Shave To Help Give Others An Edge

While shaving might be a daily chore and high-end grooming items an indulgence, the guys behind Harry’s have found a way to make this perfunctory task a little more meaningful.

The men’s grooming online retailer–created by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, who was a co-founder of Warby Parker–recognized that it had a powerful medium to connect their brand, based on helping men’s self-image, to helping other men in the community. “We wanted to partner with organizations that share that mission of really helping guys to first just feel good about themselves and then second to give them the self-respect and confidence to achieve their goal,” says Raider, co-founder of Harry’s.

One such organization is The Mission Continues. It offers fellowships to veterans who’ve recently returned from military service and helps them get re-established in the community. Anytime you make a purchase from Harry’s, they either donate a razor blade or the cost of a razor blade to The Mission Continues. They also have a special edition razor blade for which all sales go to support the veterans.

And as Raider explains,”what we have is a platform where we can go and tell people about really amazing things that are going on in the community. And I think it’s a huge missed opportunity when companies don’t do it.”

Location: Tommy Guns Salon – Brooklyn, NYSS