12 More-Sad-Than-Funny Cartoons That Illuminate The War On Science

From climate change to evolution, science is under siege. The cartoons here count the ways: political interference, personal attacks, erroneous reporting, dumbing down, corporate mischief. The list goes on.

The cartoons were collected by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which represents more than 400,000 professionals and citizens around the country. “We’ve chosen 12 all-star cartoons that stand out in their ability to poke fun at the not-so-humorous challenges to the complex relationship between science and democracy,” the group says.

“The cartoons cover a number of topics that are critical to the role of science in policy making, including the general state of public dialogue, corporate interference in science, attacks on the scientific regulatory system, barriers to the responsible use of science in policy making, the interaction of communications and social media with science, attacks on scientists, and the defense of science.”

Take a look through the slide show, then head over to UCS’s contest page, where you can choose a favorite. The one with the most votes goes on the front of next year’s Editorial Cartoon Calendar.

While we’re about it, here’s last year’s entry list as well.BS