Watch These Horrifying Videos Of The Oklahoma Tornado

There are now 91 24 people dead in the horrible tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma (the number of dead was revised downward after initial estimates). Rescuers continue to search for survivors.

With any natural disaster comes, along with grief and concern for the victims and their families, a sense of the awe-inspiring power of nature. We tend to just go about our lives, forgetting that we’re living on an often-violent, incredibly dangerous planet.

These videos of the tornado forming and moving across the state are breathtaking in their horror, and a reminder that no matter how strong or smart we build, we’ll never be a match for the massive forces the planet can muster.

The jury is still out about whether climate change is causing more tornadoes. But tornadoes are a terrifying part of life for a large part of the country–whether they’re getting worse or not. How can we prepare for the next one? The trick, as with any place threatened with destruction from nature, may not be to just build a thicker wall, but start building in a way that assumes the disasters are coming and unmanageable and makes it easiest to recover after them.MC