This House Is Built To Be Constantly Reclaimed By Nature

An unused garage of a vacation home in the Alps has been converted into what’s perhaps the world’s sexiest garden shed.

Architecture firm act_romegialli’s “Green Box” is overrun with vegetation to the point where it looks like the forest has reached out and grabbed it. From one angle, the only signs of man’s touch include the protrusion of a chimney and the sheen of glass doors.

But the seeming botanical chaos obscures just how planned the arrangement of flora actually is, selected by the landscaper to “ensure a light but continuous flowering” around the house, according to the architect’s statement. On the main roof, a base of honeysuckle and mile-a-minute vine supports the growth of hops and golden tiaras. Around the basement, plants include valerian, geraniums and a variety of annuals.

Inside, “materials are left rough and simple,” according to the architects. “Galvanized steel for the kitchen, larch planks for flooring and big sliding doors, windows in unpainted galvanized steel, simple pipes for the water supply.” There’s also a kitchen, a place to eat, and, of course, a spot to store tools.

If your garden shed looks this good, you better grow some damn delicious tomatoes.ZS