This Site Wants To Be The Craigslist For Disabled Americans

With 56 million disabled people living in this country, hopes to help centralize resources and become the Craigslist for disabled Americans.

“Unfortunately a lot of those people live isolated lives unnecessarily simply because they don’t know about the programs, resources, organizations and individuals that are available to help them,” said Andrew Horn, founder and CEO.

The site aims to streamline the process of finding help for the disabled community and make it one-stop shopping. It will connect people to NGOs which provide services such as job training, speech training, and physical therapy.

Harnessing resources to give the disabled more mobility has wider reaching implications for the greater community. “This kind of thing mobilizes a voter base, a group of people that could potentially make changes to their own environment,” said Mark Fitzpatrick, ambassador.

The team also plans to license their technology to local governments across the country so as to improve their disability services. They are confident their site will be successful because, as Horn says, “it deserves to exist.”SS