Amazing Photos Of Earth From Above, From Canada’s Tiny Space Program

Canadians go to space too, eh?

While American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts may typically get most of the recognition for space exploration, our neighbor to the north’s space program recently made news when astronaut Chris Hadfield recently became the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station earlier this month.

Since arriving, he’s posted incredible pictures of earth from his unique perspective– to Facebook and to Twitter, where he’s acquired more than half a million followers, leading Forbes to call him “perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth.” He even did an “Ask me anything” interview session on Reddit.

His text updates provide a perspective on what ordinary life in space is like: “We shut off most lights at bedtime–it feels right to do it” he told one Redditor. “I hit my head about once per day,” he told another. But his photos of cities, land masses, islands from space are anything but ordinary.ZS