Keep Your Car Cool And Charged With This Solar-Powered Car Blanket

The V-Tent is an elegant collapsible canopy that envelopes an electric vehicle as it’s being charged. Developed by Designnobis, a consultancy from Turkey, it is designed to protect the car from sunlight, rain, or other elements, and acts as an extra precaution against theft.

“It is hard to find shade to park your car, so we decided to develop a tent that protects the car, and produces energy in the meantime,” says product designer Nur Yildirim. “With V-Tent, your car is protected from environmental effects, safe, and getting charged.”

The material has three layers. On the outside, flexible solar panels generate electricity to charge the car. A second layer is composed of reflective material. And a third has “a pattern with micro ventilation tubes” to prevent build up of excess heat, and protect the EV’s integrity.

The design was recognized at last year’s Green Dot Awards. There are no immediate plans to commercialize it–though Yildirim says there have been “some offers” that “we will be discussing.BS