Why Take The Stairs When You Can Take A Slide?

At first glance, the Skyhouse, a four-story penthouse in one of lower Manhattan’s oldest original skyscrapers, may not look that different from any apartment tricked out for the ultra-wealthy. Selling points include an exclusive address, views of iconic New York City architecture, including the Brooklyn Bridge and Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower.

But the defining feature of the apartment, designed by David Hotson Architects, is, perhaps, custom-designed for the child in all of us. A tubular metal slide descends from the apartment’s attic all the way down to the entrance, complete with a “local stop” at the third level and windows emitting natural light. (And if that experience isn’t amusing enough, climbing wall pegs line the metal framing throughout the house, allowing for a rock gym experience without leaving the apartment.)

While the slide seems mostly just for kicks, it actually might be useful for the Skyhouse’s residents, who otherwise would have to commute between the four stories via stairs. Another plus, it’s guaranteed to fit in with the most luxurious toasters and refrigerators: it’s coated in mirrored-stainless steel.

[Images: Skyhouse via David Hotson Architects]ZS