A World (Of Google Street Views) Hiding Behind a Secret Door

Since its launch, Google Street View’s view of the world has grown both more comprehensive and intimate–adding business interiors and museum galleries to its mega-database in recent years. But first, you have to find all those amazing views, tucked behind the facade of Google Maps all around the Google globe.

An entertaining new tool called The Secret Door opens up access to all of Google Street View’s most eye-popping vistas. In the course of a few clicks on the button “Take Me Somewhere Else,” I was transported from inside an Alpine railroad tunnel, to the inside of a gourmet deli in Vancouver, and to the ruins of a school in late prefecture, Japan (where Google Maps provided extensive documentation after the tsunami).

Touring the world in a whirlwind fashion is addictive. It’s also a brilliant viral marketing scheme for Safestyle, the window and door company behind the tool, which has already acquired thousands of social media likes as it acquires some viral momentum.

Give it a whirl here.