See What The World Would Look Like Minus Mark Zuckerberg (And Tiger Woods)

To celebrate the world’s richest people, Forbes Brazil (hey, what’s up Forbes?) isn’t looking at what these business leaders have added to the world, but what their absence would take away.

In a campaign created by Ogilvy Brazil, faceless portraits of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and others are seen alongside rudimentary (nonsensical, really) infographics where the contributions of each are presented as losses to society.

So, we see the 800,000 people who wouldn’t be developing apps, the nearly 900 million that wouldn’t be connecting and the 300,000 people who discover they’ve been cheated on in the Zuckerberg execution. A Bill Gates-less world, we are reminded, would mean $200 million less spent on polio vaccines and 317,721 fewer nerd jokes made (and, according to the poster, 57 million fewer videogames sold, but that number seems too low).

And then there’s poor Tiger Woods, whose loose interpretation of marriage is duly noted among his.. contributions.

See the ads in the slide show above.TI