Will Watching These Sad Bears Get Fat Finally Make You Put Down The Soda?

Everyone loves a heartwarming Coke ad with polar bears. Look at them frolic in the Arctic with their sodas. Life seems so fancy free up in the frozen tundra when you introduce some soda.

But a new video from the Center for Science in the Public Interest asks what might happen to those bears if they were actually drinking soda. The results are a lot less adorable; they’re downright depressing. It’s all part of an anti-soda campaign by the organization The Real Bears.

The ad, made by Alex Bogusky’s Common along with the Butler Brothers (who made these infographics about the dangers of smoking), shows the polar bears slowly start seeing the effects of drinking so much sugar. The bears, at first sleek and lithe, become fat and sluggish. It’s hard to survive in the wild when you can’t fit through your hole in the ice to go fishing. They can’t have sex. And eventually, once diabetes sets in, the polar bear patriarch is forced to have his leg amputated.

Anthropomorphic polar bears might not be real, but the symptoms of excessive sugar consumption depicted are. Soda consumption is already falling, but it’s . Will subverting the soda’s industry cutest mascots be any help in changing that number. People haven’t responded to facts; maybe they’ll respond to bears.MC