See (And Try To Recognize) Your Favorite TV Characters As Lego

Who could forget Lego people–those tiny rigid figures who were made to stand atop whatever structure you built out of the company’s toy blocks. Those figures didn’t have many memorable features, aside from their famous detachable helmet hair. For its latest print campaign, however, Lego is introducing a new set of folks you might be familiar with.

It’s amazing how little it takes to recognize some of the most beloved TV characters of all time when they’re rendered in Lego form. Some of them are decked out in colors that are dead giveaways; for instance, that particular blue that can only mean Smurfs, or the four green bodies that make up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Others are only discernible when grouped together; it’s through the big stack of blue blocks that comprise Marge Simpson‘s beehive that the rest of her family comes into focus (and some have pointed out that it was a previous image of the Simpsons posted on the Internet that “inspired” this campaign) and it takes the double-wide Eric Cartman to make the other South Park kids cohere.

Take a stroll through memory lane in the gallery above and see if you can guess the rest of them. (You probably can.)

Bert and Ernie.