Unreasonables, Episode 16: Can Water Be Sold To Someone Who Earns Less Than $1 Per Day?

In areas with water shortages or bad water, women are often tasked with providing water for their families. But the water is often far away, and so women end up carrying 45 pounds of water on their head. It takes time and effort and keeps women from participating in the economy in more meaningful ways.

Cynthia Koenig’s company, Wello, makes a large water drum that can be wheeled to and from clean water. It holds five times the amount of water that a woman can carry on her head, which means fewer trips.

The issue is that Wello is expensive, or at least expensive for someone making less than $1 a day. Can Koenig find a way to provide this brilliant solution to the people who need it, while still maintaining a for-profit business model?

This is the latest video in The Unreasonables, a series tracking the participants in the most recent Unreasonable Institute. To see what’s coming up, watch a preview of the whole season and see a list of all the episodes here.MC