Been There, Done That, Would You Do It Again?

Fast Companys asks readers about love, sex, and the workplace.

We anted to know what people thought about love, sex, and the workplace. So we asked. The following chorus responded to Fast Company’s call for advice online. The interactive forum: “Back Talk,” on the Women’s Wire Web site ( The query: “Ever gone out with someone from your office? Would you do it again? Any hard-won advice?” The following excerpts are printed with permission.


Toni in California

I’d never have an affair at the office for fear that someone as malicious as me would find out. I’m notorious for spreading the juice about all the lusty people I work with! Why? I have no respect for them because it ruins business relations and half the people are in “monogamous” relationships.

Kris in Maryland

Yes, I’ve dated an officemate. It was excruciating working with him when we broke up. It’s so hard, though, to make friends outside work., that I understand the inevitability of it. I’d do it again, but cautiously.

Helen in California

I would never date at the office again. One of the insidious things that happens is that your coworkers lose all respect for you; they think of you in terms of gossip instead. There are all those knowing smiles and smirks where there used to be pleasant conversations.


Terry in Illinois

I did meet, date, and marry my exemplary husband at the office. We work at a large company (more than 45,000 employees) located in a small community. I’ve seen it work here, as well as the adverse affect of divorces, remarriages, and affairs in the organization — not very comfortable for any of us, but not necessarily dehabilitating to our functionality. I personally would do it all again. If I though the person was worth the risk.