Job Title We’d Like to Have: Suzanne Merritt


Name: Suzanne Merritt


Age: 39

Title: Senior Creatologist, Polaroid

Has Held Title For: 3 years

With Polaroid For: 13 years

Previous Title: Worldwide Strategic Planner for Entertainment

Imaging Degree: BA in Aesthetic Education


What exactly is a creatologist?

Creatologist — noun; professional dedicated to the art and science of rekindling the creative spirit, imagination, and intrinsic motivation of those individuals engaged in the work of creating the future.

How can people inspire their own creativity?

You must slow down and reflect. When was the last time you slinked a Slinky or molded Play-doh or drank coffee out of a mug that’s shaped like a cow while you kicked around new ideas?

How do you run a creativity session?

Right now I’m looking for science fiction writers to participate and act as facilitators. They have incredible imaginations and combine fantasy with true scientific genius.

Are businesspeople less creative than other professionals?

Stifled creativity is particularly evident in the corporate world where executives are terrified of getting off the track to success. They’ve been trained to follow the rules rather than make them up.