Getting Started

Nothing Beats Speed. It’s exhilarating. It’s challenging. It’s demanding of your personal best. That’s why race cars and business are such a natural fit. Says John DeVillars, head of the U.S. Environmental Agency’s New England region, who treated himself to a Skip Barber course when he turned 40, “I enjoy a high-pressure, high-intensity work environment, and I find a release in being in a high-pressure recreational environment. There’s a sense of accomplishment in taking a car through a corner at just the right speed, where a shade faster it would be out of control.”

Scott McHenry, a McKinsey & Co. partner based in NY, races about 15 weekends a year and brings his family to the competitions. “Racing gives my kids a chance to see me lose,” he says. “It reinforces the idea that you shouldn’t quite, even if you’re doing poorly.”

If you’ve got an ounce of gasoline in your blood, this edition of Out There should refuel your drive to drive. And if you like to motor on the Web, race to these sites:

The Sports Car Club of America offers descriptions of SCCA-sponsored races, membership info, and club background.

The American Racing Scene covers the FAQs of Indycar and Nascar racing, including schedules and race results.

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