Amazon Instant Video Comes To The iPad

Until today, subscribers to Amazon’s Netflix alternative, Instant Video, had two options for viewing its library of videos: the Kindle Fire and their desktop browsers.

Now they can add their iPads to that list–but not iPhones. The company released a new iPad app this morning that gives subscribers to Amazon’s $79.99-per-year loyalty club, Prime, access to Instant Video from their Apple tablets.

Amazon’s video streaming subscription is more affordable than Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus, which both cost $7.99 per month. With the addition of iPad access, the service is also making an approach to being equally accessible. (Not to mention, because it’s packaged with the loyalty program, it includes free two-day shipping from Amazon and a monthly free rental from the Kindle library.)

Amazon Prime Instant Video has a slightly different approach than its video streaming competitors. Though it has a library of 120,000, not all of those are included in a subscription. “Thousands of titles” are available for viewing at no additional cost with a membership, but most require a purchase or rental fee from the Amazon Instant Store. The number of free titles available is also a matter of dispute, as Amazon has previously counted each episode in a television series as a separate “title.”

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